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What's in LoLo Town

LoLo Town is literally a small town for children. Our whole town has been custom made with children in mind, meaning that they can wander around a little village made just for them! We fully encourage kids to imagine and play, do the shopping for the week, put out a fire, dress up as a princess, whatever they want!

As well as costumes in most areas, we also have toy cars, with “road markings” on the ground – just like a real town.

Breakdown of our Town

We aim to have something for every child, regardless of age or interests. Our staff fully encourage the kids to explore all areas and never try to push them towards one.

LoLo Town | Play Centre | Meath library


LoLo Town Library is a place where kids can relax in a bean bag and enjoy a book! Ideal for those who love to read, or simply wind down with a story after running around our town!

LoLo Town | Play Centre | Meath

Garda Station

Dress up in a Garda uniform and ensure law and order is enforced! Our Garda Station has all you need to make arrests and get those all-important mug shots!

LoLo Town | Play Centre | Meath

Fire Station

Help save the town from a raging fire! Slide down our fireman’s pole and get your fire fighting uniforms and helmet on as soon as possible. Ring the bell to warn everybody of the danger!

LoLo Town | Play Centre | Meath


Be the teacher or the pupil in the local school – whatever you fancy. Use our blackboard to demonstrate your maths skills – or brighten up the classroom with some fancy artwork.

LoLo Town | Play Centre | Meath


Our construction site is where you can really get creative – build the next big building in LoLo Town – a swimming pool, a new house, an aquarium – whatever you can imagine. Make sure you put on your helmet and high vis before you start!

LoLo Town | Play Centre | Meath

Beauty Salon

Do your clients make up or invent a new hairstyle in LoLo Towns very own beauty salon. Make sure everybody looks their very best before they leave!

LoLo Town | Play Centre | Meath


One thing every town needs is a well-stocked supermarket. If you want to work there you best put on your uniform and make sure the shelves are tidily stocked. Scan all the items your customers wish to purchase and put them into their shopping bags – it’s all hard work! For the customer – you can buy fruit, washing powder, yoghurts – everything you need to make sure your house is well stocked up.

LoLo Town | Play Centre | Meath


After you’ve earned all that money working, you’ll need somewhere safe to keep it. LoLo Town Bank will put your money away safely until you need to spend it.

LoLo Town | Play Centre | Meath


Have a chat with a cup of tea or snack in the local café. Workers will have to make sure they can get all those beverages ready fast.

LoLo Town | Play Centre | Meath


Get your doctors uniform on and start helping all those sick people & animals. Nurse everybody back to health and make sure the residents of LoLo Town are back up and running as soon as possible.

LoLo Town | Play Centre | Meath


Become a prince or princess in your very own castle! Complete with costumes to dress up in, rule on your throne or go on a mission to save the town from invaders.

LoLo Town | Play Centre | Meath


Our LoLo Hotel is where we hold all the birthday parties. Get the red carpet treatment and enjoy a feast with all your guests.